Italian Tuna and Farro Salad

Oh, summer. I love summer and all of the traveling that comes with it, but staying at home for the first weekend in what seemed like months was a welcome change. For once, I was perfectly content without setting foot in a single restaurant all weekend long. I was relieved to get back into my kitchen to make meals on my own time and in my own way. It was also nice to settle back into my routine of making fresh and healthy salads after eating way too many behemoth restaurant-sized portions while traveling. For lunch one day, I created a salad by putting a spin on an amazing bruschetta that I recently had on a trip to Rome (I'll shut up about the Italy trip one day, I promise). We went to Angelino ai Fori, a restaurant that was uncharacteristically not touristy despite its location right next to the Colosseum and Roman Forum. In fact, we loved it there so much that we returned two more times to feast al fresco on antipasto, bruschetta, gelato, and Peroni.

Angelino’s tuna, tomato, and rocket (a.k.a. arugula) bruschetta served as inspiration for my Italian Tuna and Farro Salad. The bruschetta's juicy tomatoes, crusty bread, and flavorful tuna were completely drenched in fruity olive oil, and I swear I never knew that something so uncomplicated could be so good. As any Italian grandma will tell you, the ingredients for this salad are key. Be sure to use the freshest ingredients possible while keeping the dish simple. Also, use Italian tuna (or tonno) packed in olive oil – any other tuna just won’t do and an ole stickler grandma would likely shake her fists at Starkist or Bumble Bee. For this recipe, I also used pearled farro, an Italian wheat; however, barley, brown rice, bulgur, or wheat berries would work as well. When you can enjoy this healthy and filling salad and all of its simplicity in the comfort of your own home, who needs the Colosseum…or a colossal-sized restaurant meal for that matter?

Italian Tuna and Farro Salad

Serves 2

½ cup Italian pearled farro (found at health food or specialty stores)
5 ounces premium tuna packed in olive oil (Genova brand is my fav)
Bunch arugula
Handful olives, pitted and halved (I used Gaetas, but Kalamatas work too)
1 tablespoon capers
Handful grape tomatoes, halved
Bunch parsley, chopped
Fresh lemon juice
Olive oil
Salt and pepper


Cook farro according to package instructions and allow to cool. Toss with tuna and its packed olive oil. Mix in arugula, olives, capers, tomatoes, and parsley. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and additional olive oil, if necessary. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!


Anne M. said...

Yum and I hope you never shut up about Italy ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love those pictures... Would you recommend serving this dish at room temperature or chilled?

Chrissy @ My Fare Foodie said...

Thanks! As for the serving temp, you can choose either room temperature or chilled. I went with room temp, but it's personal preference.

Duffy said...

I made this the other night, and seriously, it was the BEST thing I've eaten in a while. The tuna recommendation was so spot on - thank you! I had to use Whole Wheat pasta because I couldn't get farro on short notice, but it was fantastic all-round.

Chrissy @ My Fare Foodie said...

Thanks, Duffy! I'm so glad that you liked it!!