Fleur De Sel Caramel and Browned Butter Brownies

After going out to a lovely dinner over the weekend with another couple and consuming a bit too much Zinfandel, my husband and I woke up feeling a little under the weather. Our embarrassingly unexpected hangovers are a true testament to just how old we are getting. Grumble grumble. My attempt to sweat out my hangover at the gym and drink about a gallon of water left me still feeling like I was hit by a train. After a couple more failed remedies, I decided that there was only one foolproof cure – baked goods. I started to research recipes on my favorite and always reliable food blogs. My eyes widened and my stomach roared as I settled on this winning recipe for salted caramel brownies by the Brown Eyed Baker.

Fleur de Sel. I'm fancy :)

Although the original recipe is flawless, I put a few spins of my own on the brownies. I used Fleur de Sel because I had some leftover from our honeymoon in France that I kept on hand for special occasions, and this was clearly a special occasion. I also browned the butter in a saucepan first – a trick that I recently read in a recipe from Bon App├ętit magazine. Plus, I added chocolate chips. The brownies were hands down the best brownies in the history of the universe. They were dense, fudgy, salty, gooey, and messy. They were perfect! These brownies are what hangover dreams are made of. My husband and I gobbled them up as our looming hangovers merely became a distant memory. I cannot wait to make these again. Come to think of it, they would pair incredibly well with some Zinfandel.


Brenda said...

What a beautiful food blog with so many good and unique recipes! I will be back when I have more time to look around. Wish I had a brownie to eat right now, maybe this weekend I will!


Meme said...

Whoa! These look awesome. If I don't have fleur de sel, would kosher salt be an ok substitute?

Me said...

Hi Meme, you can use kosher salt or sea salt. Either one would work just as well. Enjoy :)

Anne M said...

Downright sinful! Love the browned butter idea!