Anniversaire Parisien

Dear 29-year-old self,

You’re turning 30 this week. I’m going to need you to be a big girl and not have a nervous breakdown at the thought. That means no crying in corners, smashing birthday cakes, or fleeing the country. Well, actually that last request sounds pretty awesome. How about a trip to your most favorite place in the whole wide world? I think we can both agree that Paris would do the trick. Plus, you’ve been taking all those French lessons, so let’s put them to good use, shall we? Sounds like the most perfect birthday gift to me! Bon voyage, 29. Bonjour, Paris!

French hugs and kisses,
(Well, not French kisses – that’s weird)

Your 30-year-old self

Photo Sources: 1) Deviant Art 2) Eye Poetry 3-8) Little Brown Pen


Gwen@Saturdays with Maggy said...

Chrissy! That is awesome news! Happy French Birthday! I'm turning 30 this year and taking myself to my most favorite place: New York City baby!

Chrissy @ My Fare Foodie said...

Thanks, Gwen! I'm super excited! Let me know if you need any recommendations for NYC!

Liza in Ann Arbor said...

I'm a big fan of a special birthday trip. For my 30th, I went to New Orleans and met my man while I was there! Amuse-toi bien et bon anniversaire!

Chrissy @ My Fare Foodie said...

Aw, I love that, Liza! Merci!!