Chocolate Babka French Toast with a Port Wine Reduction

“No. No way. Oh… my… Is she gonna do it? No, I can’t watch. What? I can’t believe it. She’s doing it. She did it. She deep fried it. Whoa!”

That’s me watching Paula Deen’s ridiculous cooking show. That woman is crazy! Just when you think that she can’t possibly use any more butter, she throws in enough to kill a miniature horse. And when you wonder if there is possibly any other way for her to make a dish even more unhealthy and artery-clogging, she turns to her trusty deep fryer. I questioned sweet ole Paula’s sanity when she concocted a recipe for deep-fried butter balls. Yes, you read that correctly. She formed butter and cream cheese into balls and then fried them. Forget shivers down my spine, this recipe sends my heart into irregular palpitations! Is she trying to kill us? Is she pure evil, masked by an adorable southern belle facade? Who knows.

Although I probably will never actually cook any of Paula’s recipes, I am still willing to watch her show for pure entertainment value. Anyway, who am I to judge? Especially after I came up with the idea to make Chocolate Babka French Toast. This dish seems like it was taken right out of a page of Paula’s cookbook. Not only did I veer away from my usual organic sprouted whole grain bread to use chocolate babka, but I also turned my back on my pure maple syrup and went for a port wine reduction. Cinnamon babka can be used as well, and contrary to what Elaine on Seinfeld may think, it definitely is not a “lesser babka.” One thing is for sure – I certainly won’t be scoring any health points with this recipe. I guess I will just follow Paula’s example and spend the remainder of the day saying cute and forgivable things like “Y’all” and “Bless your heart” to make up for my gluttonous agenda pushing.

Chocolate Babka French Toast with a Port Wine Reduction

Serves 2


1 chocolate babka (I bought mine at Whole Foods)
2 eggs
Splash milk
Dash salt
1 tablespoon butter
2 cups Port wine (tawny or ruby port can both be used)
Powdered sugar


In a medium pot, bring port to a boil and then simmer for 20-25 minutes. The port will reduce significantly until it reaches a syrupy consistency. Set aside to cool.

Cut babka into four 1 inch slices. In a shallow and flat bowl, whisk together eggs, splash of milk, and a dash of salt. Carefully coat babka slices in egg mixture, rotating until all sides are saturated.

In a nonstick pan, heat butter over medium heat. Fry babka slices in butter until golden brown on both sides (about 2 minutes per side). Dust with powdered sugar through a sifter and drizzle with port wine reduction. Serve with berries and whipped cream and enjoy!


Anne M. said...

I once saw a show where she made fish fajitas. Shockingly healthy for her! Your babka French toast looks amazing btw!

Chrissy said...

Thanks, Anne! I saw that one too. I think it was her son's recipe or something like that. Glad to see that he went the healthier route in life :)

Melissa said...

That looks amazing!
I had the same exact reaction when I saw Ms. Deen make deep fried Mac n Cheese wrapped in bacon. Really, Paula? Really!?!

Chrissy said...

Haha yes! Classic!