Sugar Cane & Ginger Infused Vodka

While staying at my parents’ home for a few days last week, I made sure to take full advantage of their ample supply of great wines, fancy liquors, and exotic ingredients. It’s always fun to concoct drinks with my parents now that I am older and don't have to do it behind their backs, and I love experimenting with different libations (especially when it is on their dime). I’m currently on an infused vodka kick. From black pepper to chocolate to cucumber, I thoroughly enjoy all types of innovative infusions. I decided to create my own version using sugar cane and ginger root. When I held up a piece of sugar cane with a perplexed look in my kitchen, my Caribbean mother coolly explained to me how to prepare it. Apparently, you are supposed to peel the sugar cane using a knife, but after I found this to be nearly impossible, I poked around in my dad’s tool box to fetch a hammer and chisel. I then proceeded to bang the hell out of the sugar cane on an outdoor picnic table. I must have looked like a crazy woman, and it probably didn’t help that I had a huge bottle of vodka and a confused German Shepherd sitting right next to me.

After I successfully split the sugar cane in half, I added it to a carafe of my favorite vodka, Grey Goose, with some pieces of peeled ginger root. I refrigerated my infused booze overnight and was almost tempted to drink it first thing in the morning because I was so excited about it. I waited until an acceptable cocktail hour, though, and I have to say that my sugar cane and ginger infused vodka was fantastic! I cannot wait to pair this subtly sweet and spicy cocktail with stir fry dishes or sushi. After my adventures in infusions, not only was I thankful for my parents’ supply of liquor and exotic ingredients, but also for my dad’s trusty tool selection and a supportive, yet highly confused German Shepherd.


Anne M. said...

I need this NOW! Yum!

YumFoodie said...

I've made cinnamon-infused vodka in the past and have been tempted to add ginger too. May have to do all three now (sugar cane, cinnamon, and ginger).

Chrissy said...

Yum Foodie, that sounds like it would be a great holiday drink!