DC's Red Hook Lobster Pound

Over the past few months, I had been hearing a lot about a food truck that was winning over foodies all over my old stomping grounds in the DC area. As food trucks lead the way in the next fast food revolution, the guys behind the highly praised Red Hook Lobster Pound Truck remain current and competitive by driving down from Maine every week with fresh caught lobster. Then, via Twitter, they announce their location daily, where hungry Washingtonians will wait in line for hours for their famed lobster roll.

Lobster has never been at the top of my list. Being a Maryland native, I've always remained loyal to my favorite crustacean – the crab. As I dug into my Bon Appetit magazine on my flight to DC, though, I stumbled upon an article about the famous lobster truck. The featured picture of the lobster roll alone made me more than willing to kick my long loved crab to the curb. Speaking of curbs, I waited on the sidewalk for 30 minutes in rain and high winds for my little piece of Maine.

The lobster roll was totally worth the wait! The pieces of lobster are enormous, and I mean all of the pieces! They don’t skimp and just arrange large pieces on top of shredded lobster; they go all out, and rightfully so at $15 a roll. Plus, you cannot beat the freshness of the lobster. I absolutely can’t wait for my next visit to DC so I can track down the lobster truck. I applaud Red Hook Lobster Pound for sharing their delicious creations with the District, steadily clawing their way into the city’s vibrant food scene.

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Love love LOVE Red Hook!